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Born in the South Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois but raised in a small town in Mississippi called Water Valley, Jasmine is no stranger to adapting to change. 


In her debut memoir, As Jasmines Bloom, she shares her life experiences and how it has shaped her into the woman that she is today. From suffering tremendous losses at an early age, dealing with societal pressure, learning the true meaning of love, defining what success means to her, all while managing mental health struggles, Jasmine found the inner strength to fight for herself and become her biggest advocate. The goal of As Jasmines Bloom, is to show young Black women that no matter what season of your life you may be facing, you can still bloom. 


Personal Affirmation: You can bloom into whoever God has called you to be no matter the season that you are in. 


Jasmine is an award-winning media strategist who prides herself on doing work that creates a positive impact on the communities in which she lives and serves. 

Her focus is primarily on amplifying brands, organizations and non-profits through social media, digital media, public relations, media relations and content management. Jasmine has worked with organizations and brands such as LRY Media Group, The World Games 2022 Birmingham Birmingham Freedom Festival, Microsoft, Woke Vote, Coca-Cola, The Magic City Classic, The City of Birmingham, The City of Memphis, National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB), National Organization of Black Elective Legislative for Women (NOBEL Women) and many more.


A community advocate who is passionate about seeing positive change locally and nationally, Jasmine is currently a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, Memphis Association of Black Journalists, Public Relations Society of America - Memphis Chapter, and Memphis Urban League Young Professionals. She has also volunteered with organizations, non-profits, and mentorship programs such as The Funnymaine Foundation and B.R.A.V.E. Girls. 

Jasmine enjoys spending quality time with her family, engaging in shenanigans with her friends, and living a life of service. Some of her other hobbies include spending time in nature, traveling, and watching her nephews and nieces grow. Jasmine currently resides in Memphis, TN.

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