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Fear Not!

Hello Beautiful People!

Hope everyone out there has been doing well. Its officially the beginning of the Fall season and I can already tell that me and the cooler weather here in Missouri are not going to get along to well but I will survive. In other great news college football is back in full swing and my Ole Miss Rebels are 3-0 right now. (inserts Hotty Toddy).

I wanted to write a little about an issue I been dealing with for quite some time now that I just can't seem to get a grasp of and I'm pretty sure most of you can relate. I'll start off with a quote:

"You never know unless you try"

Over the last few months I have been faced with some tough decisions. Whether it dealt with my job, personal relationships, etc...

Every time I was faced with a decision I always had a reason to question myself. The big "what ifs" or "there is no way you can make that happen."

Fear has become too acquainted with me and I have started to let it really get the best of me.

As I pondered on this, I was reminded of some past relationships. Thinking back, I wasn't very open with the guys I was involved with. I always would let things slide with out speaking up if it bothered me. I was comfortable just keeping my comments or feelings to myself. It was never a problem venting to friends or my family about these issues but I could never be direct with these guys and I have to say that is probably one of the many reasons those relationships did not last. Even now, I find myself attracted to someone or may feel some kind of way about them and I immediately shut those thoughts down. "He probably doesn't want a long distance relationship" or "I think he likes me but I'm not sure, I'll just keep things mutual right now until I get a hint" or something else to those effect.

I have probably missed out on about one or two opportunities to start something new with a guy because I was too afraid to tell him that I basically liked him. Sad right I know. Slightly high school behavior. Absolutely.

"So Jasmine how do you fix this mess you have started?"

Well self, that is a darn good question. Lets start with the quote that was stated earlier. "You will never know unless you try."

It won't hurt to try. Whether its a "yes", "no", "let's take a shot at it", "I been waiting for months for you say something", "I'm not looking for anything serious right now" and so on and so on. At least I would know where I stand. Where as if I continue to be silent and just go with flow I will be sitting around here looking lost, feeling lonely, or feelings just overall in a mess.

This goes for not only dating, but every day life as well. I can't allow fear to get in the way of my dreams. I have to not only believe in myself but also know that everything does happen for a reason. I have to remember that God knows what he is doing. I may not quite understand but I know I have to continue to lean on Him for that understanding.


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