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Just The Way You Are

Last weekend I decided to take some time off and head to Nashville to go visit some of my closet friends. It was perfect timing since Ole Miss was set to play against Vanderbilt at LP Field and I was excited to see some of my Ole Miss family. We of course beat Vanderbilt 41-3 which made the trip even better.

On that Sunday I had the chance to go hear my friend James Dennis preach. I like to call him Bishop because he is always a call away whenever I need some encouragement and a good word. It was my first time ever hearing him speak in person so I was ecstatic to go see him do his thing. He spoke about people being perfectly imperfect. What I loved the most about his sermon was how he spoke about his speech impediment and learning disability he struggled with during his childhood. He said that he could never speak in front of large crowds and among peers. It made him very self conscious about himself. He brought up a time where he was selected to introduce the governor of Mississippi during an assembly at school. He was not sure who picked him to speak and was nervous because he knew he may mess up and not be able to speak clearly. His dear grandmother was his biggest supporter. She went and got him all dressed up and sharp for this big day. She repeatedly told him that he was her grand baby and that she was proud of him and knew that he would go up on that stage and do amazing. And that he did!

His example was a great illustration of how we as individuals can let our insecurities make us think that we are not good enough to do things and it causes us to be something or something that we know we are not. In spite of all our flaws and imperfections Gods love for us will never change. He created us to be perfectly imperfect. We should be able to have this extraordinary confidence about us that will let us handle any situation or problem that we are facing.

After church James, his best friend Reggie, and I went to grab lunch and talked about the sermon that was given. We were exchanging some of the times where we tried to cover up or change something about ourselves. I brought up the time where I felt very insecure about my small weight and breasts while growing up. I was bullied a lot of times especially by boys because of my looks. I remember vividly one guy telling me I would never get a boyfriend because I did not have big enough breasts. One day I tried the sock method to stuff inside my bra to make it seem like my breast were more bigger. I remember one of my closest guy friends pulling me to the side and asking me why on earth was I stuffing my bra. He told me I need to learn to embrace my small breasts and body because I was beautiful just the way I was. From that day I started loving my small weight and breasts. Now today I am still that tall and skinny woman with small breasts but I love every bit of myself. I know God loves me just the way that I am and I do not have to change for anything or anybody.

The conversation with the guys was very eye opening and probably one of the realest discussions I have had in a long time. After we shared our stories we just laughed and began to thank God for letting us be perfectly imperfect and that we would not have it any other way.

I am so glad I took the trip to Nashville. I left feeling some what refreshed, rejuvenated, and just ready to take on the upcoming week. The sermon James gave is still burning me up on the inside. I hope this will encourage others out there to not dwell any longer on their problems and insecurities. There is nothing wrong with you are. God created all of us in his image and each of us has something special and unique about us that should be appreciated and celebrated. We should walk in boldness knowing that we belong to the most high God and know that He loves everything about us.

The guys brought up the song "All of Me" by John Legend that I found fitting and I decided to post the link to the video on here. Take a moment to just listen to the words. I know it is a love song but just think about God telling us that He just wants us to give Him our all. No matter what He loves us in spite of our mess and flaws.

Stay Blessed!


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