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Not So Fast

I had a conversation with a good friend recently about our life plans and goals. We are both young, educated, full of ideas, and just want to be somebody in this world. One thing that we came to an agreement upon was that no matter how far ahead you plan things out, they may still not work out. We have all been there. Made plans and prepared for job interviews after job interviews and still no job. Have applied to many graduate schools and received more rejection letters than acceptance letters. Finally build up the courage to ask that person you been crushing on out and as things unfold they tell you that they are not even interested you. I can go on and on and touch on something that every single one of us has dealt with.

My friend and I started discussing faith. As I child, I remember going to my small Methodist church in the backwoods of Mississippi every Sunday and we had to say word for word Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen." For years I was quoting this scripture did not really understood the magnitude and significance this scripture had. Now fast forward from my childhood to now. This scripture is now one that say to myself daily. I admit I have had some serious doubts and fears about my plans and my future. Who hasn't? I also admit that I have let those fears and doubts keep me away from pursuing things. But over these last few months, I have trained my mind to not even speak or think of anything doubtful or negative. It has been a challenge. It is so easy to go from a positive mindset when things are going steady to a negative mindset when things are falling apart. Especially when plans do not come together like you had hoped.

I tweeted this tweet a while ago. I had asked "Has anyone ever told God what you wanted and He told you was not ready to receive it just yet?" A nice amount of people were like yes Jas all the time. You would start acting like a toddler in a candy store asking and praying for Him to give you what you want at that very moment, all the while God is just looking at you and laughing. Telling you to just be patient. If it is in my will to be done it will be done. If not then it was not apart of your destiny. It was not suppose to be part of His plan and that's when that light bulb flashes inside your mind and you ask yourself "Is this not about what I want?" The answer is yes. At the end of the day your plans are not yours. It is not about what you think is best for your life but what God thinks is best and how can you carry out His plans.

So now I have a bit more peace when it comes to my dreams and goals. Relying on my faith in Him rather than just plans. Although they may be my hopes and ideas, I know that if God does not think it is for me then He will not let it be. However, I do know that He will send something so amazing in my life that could be ten times better than what I had originally planned. So stop worrying. Stop doubting yourself and your capabilities. Stop speaking negative talk into existence. Have faith in yourself and that God will see it all through.


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