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Wanting More

Hello Beautiful People,

I know its been forever since my last post. I have finally gotten somewhat settled here in Birmingham. The new job is going well, I have met some great people here, and even found a church.

I wanted to write about "wanting more" out of life. Everyone wants more of something. Whether its more money to go buy whatever you want, expecting more of your friendships, more free time to start on that new hobby you been thinking about doing for months, more time to travel, and the list can go on and on.

Now that I have gotten acquainted in this new city it didn't take long for me to start thinking about my next move. I knew that I didn't want to work at the call center for too long and I have graduate school on my mind to complete while working. I have decided to switch my studies by getting a concentration in Marketing while pursuing a MBA. My duties at work are small compared to what I was doing at my last job, but I felt that I should be doing more and have more responsibility. Of course when it comes to income anyone would want more of that. I took a pay cut taking this opportunity and I have managed to stay a float the best way that I know how. I have even considered taking a part time job just for extra cash. Sometimes when we get to that point where we want more of something so bad we tend to let it swallow us whole. You start saying to yourself if I had more money I can pay off this credit card, if I had more time to go out and network I can have more of a social life, or I can have more time to go out and do the things I love and so forth.

The point I am trying to make is that there is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life. You go after what you want. Whatever will make you happy is what you should be doing with your life. Where we tend to fall short on is being humble with you have you currently have. Being thankful that you have just enough to be alright. Forgetting where you come from. Don't ever get to that point where you are stressing yourself about having more and can't even be content with what you have.

I tell myself every night before bed and every morning when I wake up that better will come. I'll one day be blessed with my Masters degree, I'll one day be blessed with an amazing career that I can be proud of, I'll one day be comfortable financially to do things that I want to do, and I'll one day be blessed to have a life long partner to share experiences with.

So remember, there is nothing wrong with having more. Just remember that you need to be able to handle what you have now before your bigger blessing comes.


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